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Home of the Sleep Diet

Have you tried every diet with little success?
Do you work out religiously and still have no results?
Want to know why you're experiencing this irritating lack of results? 

You can't lose weight if your biochemistry is out of balance! 

Specifically, you can NOT lose weight if calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium and potassium are not in their ideal ranges.Meltdown! knows how to fix this. 

By correcting your biochemistry, we teach you how to burn fat 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. You can literally eat yourself thin...if you have the inner steel to follow your customized eating plan listed in your TMA. 

Middle Age Crazed - Welcome to middle age. It's almost impossible to avoid the extra avoirdupois as you start having multiple 29th birthdays! 

What Does "Food" Mean? - If you've had trouble staying with an eating plan or getting motivated to exercise, there's some underlying emotional event that's controlling your behavior. The key to losing weight is figuring it out!

The Sleep Diet - If you eat the right things one hour before bedtime, you can burn fat all night long. Learn what to do. As seen on Home and Family.

LOSE Weight, Don't Gain It During the Holidays - Yes, it's true. Holidays are a terrific time to lose weight-- if you know how to party.

Eat Yourself THIN, A Numbers Game Get your calculators. Here is a mathematical formula to calculate your weight loss success.

Metabolife and Metabolism: A basic course in endrocrinology.

Metabolism 101: What is the difference between a fast and a slow metaboliser? Lots! (Hint: Are you always hot or always cold?)

Super cargar su metabolismo! - Ahora en Espanol!

Snooze AND Lose - How a good night's sleep can trigger fat cell burning.

Cheating - This is a good word. Read how NOT cheating can seriously hurt your weight loss efforts.

Biochemistry Out of Whack - How too much calcium made me fat.

Valentine's Day, Meltdown Style - How not to gain weight on this candy-filled holiday.

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