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Tissue Mineral Analysis

Cure Yourself From Inside Out


A TMA is your personal road map to health and well being. This comprehensive report, performed by only 14 federally licensed clinical laboratories in America, shows in stark black and white the good, the bad and the ugly. The report will tell your how to eat, how much to eat, what to eat more of. 

Do you take vitamins? How do you know what to take? The TMA tells you how much to take and when to take them. 

A TMA report is a 10 to 30 page document, depending on your biochemical well being. (The sicker you are, the longer the report.) 

  • The first section is the telling graph, which charts 35 nutrients and four toxic metals. You can see at a glance exactly where you stand.

  • The second section of the report explains the reading on each nutrient and the meaning of each nutritional ratio. It discusses what diseases and other terrible conditions might occur if you ignore the findings and press on as before.

  • The third section contains your eating plan. My TMA included three full pages of contraband substances I must now do with out as well as three complete pages of foodstuffs whose consumption I must increase. I call this the Meltdown! eating plan.

  • The forth and final section chronicles the chemical intervention that can turbo charge your progress. This page lists the vitamins and nutrient supplements you need to swallow to return to equilibrium and the exact time you need to take them.

Once the tissue is tested using a variety of high tech machines, the laboratory then pours over the results to establish trace elements ratios. These ratios reveal the body's true imbalances. 

Everyone's eating plan is different. After examining hundreds of trace element reports, I am positive biochemical individuality does exist. This distinctiveness makes it impossible to apply broad nutritional recommendations to the population at large. 

A TMA is really the only accurate way to craft a tailor-made eating program.

Most people take a multivitamin tablet when it's convenient. This is a major mistake. Taking the wrong vitamins wastes your money and can impede your weight loss progress. 

It is better to take NO vitamins than to take the wrong ones. A TMA lists only the vitamins you should take. These supplements are scientifically selected, so don't add any to the list.

Timing is important, too. Some vitamins have a sedative effect on the body; others are stimulating. Sedative vitamins are the most effective at night; stimulating ones are best for the morning when you may need some get up and go. The TMA tells you the what and when to maximize your progress. 

The TMA report is good for 90 days. During that time, if you follow the instructions, your body will make remarkable progress. In 90 days, it's time to reassess. The lab now can test for parts per billion. It's delicate equipment can fine tune your eating plan and your supplement regimen.

I have been having a TMA every quarter since 1991. No two have EVER been alike. This is especially true of the vitamin recommenations. I have never had to take the same combination of vitamins from one test to another. Your body is constantly changing and so are its needs. 

Let this Owner's Manual To Your Body keep you up-to-date for your optimum health and performance. It is a very enabling tool.

Look at my TMA chart

Why You Need A TMA:

Today, we've conquered nutritional deficiencies like scurvy. Now our problem is one of abundance. Over nutritional and nutritional imbalances are the chief causes of today's "unsolvable" medical problems. 

Here are some answers to common questions about the most economical and useful screening tools for assessing YOUR nutritional status. 

1. How long has hair mineral analysis been available? 

The International Atomic Energy Agency developed the test in 1965. These procedures were designed to use nuclear based methods to analyze pollutants in the human body through the hair. 

2. How is the test performed? 

Once the lab receives the sample, it is logged in with its own control number. Then the sample is weighed and placed in different test tubes. Acids -- like the ones in your stomach -- are added to the sample to digest the hair. This process releases the elements locked in the hair matrix. 

Once the digestion is complete, only the mineral salts remain in the tube. This is why it doesn't matter if your hair is permed, colored or bleached or whether you used hair spray that day. That stuff is long gone before the actual testing begins. 

Most of the elements are analyzed by an induction coupled plasma emission spectrophotometer. (Try to say that one fast! :) ) Mercury analysis, however, is done by an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. 

Once the analysis is complete, the results are combined and transferred to a computer. Meltdown International sends the lab results directly back to you. 

3. Just how accurate is a TMA? 

The instruments the lab uses are the same equipment other laboratories use to analyze minerals in blood and urine. The equipment allows testing in the parts per BILLION range and even lower. Moreover, the instruments are computer controlled to remove as much human error as possible. 

After every 12 samples, the equipment goes through re-calibration and testing. If any one of the tests do not check out, all tests are stopped until the lab personnel discovers the cause for deviation. 

In addition, the lab is inspected and licensed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It must adhere to their strict federal guidelines. Of course, this is only important if you believe there is anyone competent at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

4. What does a TMA show? 

Hair contains all the minerals present in the body. It reflects the reservoirs of these elements, whether healthy or toxic. 

The hair reveals a world of metabolic events. It can tell your individual metabolic rate, the effect your neuro-endocrine system has on your nutritional state (in other words: what stress has done to your body) and your tendencies toward specific diseases. 

A TMA is like a road map indicating where you are and where you are headed. It can indicate major health problems that can develop if your current pattern continues. It also provides information on how to reserve the process to prevent or delay the onset of these health worries. 

For example, a magnesium efficiency is closely associated with cardiac hypertension. However, if you improve your magnesium status, you can help in preventing this heart trouble. 

5. Is the TMA a valid nutritional screen? 

The test clearly shows individual deficiencies and toxicities. But, even more important, it highlights the interrelationships of the various elements. For example, a person may have an adequate amount of magnesium in their body. But, when calcium is too high, a relative magnesium deficiency exists which can and will create adverse health conditions. 

6. How can a TMA determine exact vitamin needs? 

Minerals not only work with each other, but in conjunction with vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Minerals act as enzyme activators and vitamins act as coenzymes. Therefore, the lab can evaluate your mineral status, which provides some very good clues to your vitamin requirements. 

7. How do I know what supplements to take and why is this important? 

From our experience, we find people are often taking exactly the opposite of the supplements they need. This is not good for either your body or your pocketbook. 

8. Is this test covered by insurance? 

If your coverage includes wellness, the TMA is typically covered. If the insurance company only will pay if you get sick, the fee will come out of your wallet. However, almost all insurance companies will pay for a toxic metal screening. They'll probably pay if you think someone poisoned you with arsenic or your child is loaded with lead. 

9. How quickly will I see results? 

You won't like this answer: Awhile. (Hey, we're honest.) But look at it this way. You can not turn around a problem caused by a lifetime of neglect. If you have severe toxicities, it will take a lot longer than if your levels are closer to the normal range. 

10.How old do you have to be to have a TMA? 

The lab has done a test on babies that were three weeks old. People in their nineties generally lose interest in having these tests. 

Your Investment

The first TMA test is $125 U.S. All repeat tests are $100. However, Meltdown International offers a free gift with the first test. Please visit the product list/order form for the current free gift offerings. There are also frequent two-for-one offers to zine subscribers. 

How to Order YOUR TMA

E-mail me with your snail mail address. I'll send you a TMA kit. We can use any tissue except blood or waste. You can select the tissue, but I need two tablespoons. Hair is the easiest tissue to sample. 

You can cure yourself from the inside, out. 

Read the TMA FAQs

There are a number of different TMA Packages. 
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