Meltdown! Sex

SEX HORMONES determine your sex drive. You can't be too thin, too rich or have too many hormones. Read how to push your sex hormones into overdrive, naturally.

Revolutionizing Your Sex Life - How would you like to enjoy extended love making sessions with repeated, multiple orgasms for BOTH women and MEN? Then you need a copy of my new workbook, Melting! Into You. How Both Women and Men (That's right, MEN!) Can Have Multiple Orgasms and Make Love for Hours At a Time 


Testosterone - Guys, this hormone improves muscle performance....especially that favorite muscle. Ladies, want well chiseled pecs? You can use that testosterone in the weight room.


Progesterone - This sex hormone excites the female libido. Not interested in sex? Progesterone can fix it! 


Valentine's Day, Meltdown Style - Find out how to increase your sex drive!


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