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Revolutionizing your sex life!


How would you like to enjoy extended love making sessions with repeated, multiple orgasms for BOTH women and MEN? Then you need a copy of my new workbook, Melting! Into You. How Both Women and Men (That's right, MEN) Can Have Multiple Orgasms and Make Love for Hours At a Time. 

Yes, you read right - men of any age can finally keep "up" with their female partners for hours on end and experience non-ejaculatory, full body orgasms that will send them into orbit and their partners into ecstasy... over and over again, with increased desire the longer they go! This is not Viagra or any of the other potions and pills you are bombarded with in your junk snail mail and email, but actual physical practices that go back three thousand years, updated for the millennium. 

(As the ghost writer, I tested the techniques to make sure they were real. I'm here to testify they are!). 

And, if that's not enough, the workbook details how to Melt! into each other at any time during or following love making. The term "Melt!" is our description for an energy exchange that creates a physical fusing between every cell of each partner's body. Melting! is physical, emotional and spiritual. Your lover becomes not only your soulmate, but a "fusion" mate. The strength of feelings are addictive, and you won't want to quit (definitely a positive addiction, we'd say!). 

The workbook and its techniques are unique and one of a kind. It teaches ancient Taoist and Tantric sexual practices updated for today. They are easy to understand and quick to learn. The manual also contains sections covering all areas of your love making experience, such as how to: 

  • romantically set the scene
  • stimulate both your imagination and libido with playful variations on sexual contact
  • exercise and tone your adductors (the love muscles)
  • eat to optimize sexual performance
  • change your biochemistry to naturally increase your libido
  • select the herbs that will help your sex drive.

And, in addition to Melting! Into You, Meltdown is introducing its new, proprietary, all-natural neutraceutical spray for better sexual performance. Togetherô will help you relax, forget your daily troubles and focus on love making. We worked with chemists at a federally licensed lab in Vista, California to prepare an herbal formulation to stimulate your kidneys and adrenal glands in addition to the sex organs. 

We've created a Millennium Love Making kit for the ultimate New Year's Eve. It includes the workbook, Together and a jar of my wild yam cream, formula 2. This luscious peach cream naturally increases the female libido as well as tames the beast called PMS (never good for love making.) 

You can learn more about our Together spray, "wild yam cream" and how our TMA test can improve your sex life. Then come back and start the Millennium in rapturous seventh heaven (and have a Merrier Christmas!) by ordering any of our products individually, or in our special Millennium Melting! Into You Kit. 

    Priced separately:   Melting! Into You (How Men and Women Can Have   Multiple Orgasms and Make Love for Hours       At a Time!) . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $29   Together (tm) Spray...1 month supply . . . . . .  $35    Wild Yam Cream 1 month supply . . . . . . . . . .  $26   Total: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $90

Our gift to you is the Millennium Melting! Into You Sexual Chemistry Kit for the special price of $69.00! (we couldn't help it!) And, if you order our TMA lab test, producing an owner's manual to your body at the same time, we'll sell the test to you for only $99. That's 1/3 off! 

Meltdown International provides a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee with all our products. All we ask is you tell us in writing why you didn't like them. We'll refund your money that day. Our sole goal is to have satisfied customers who tell all their friends.

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