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Medical Worries

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The Tissue Mineral Analysis -- Various Options
Wild Yam Cream Offers
Perform Libido Enhancer
Spray Vitamins
Nutritional Supplements
Books, Tapes and More!

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Special BonusOffer!

Once you experience extraordinary results from our TMA, you'll want to tell your friends and family about us. Meltdown rewards you with $20 in Meltdown bucks for every referral who purchases one of our TMA packages. You can spend your money on any Meltdown product. Send us five referrals and your next TMA is free!


The Basic Life-Altering TMA Package for First Timers:
For those interested in health and nutrition. This report includes:

  The TMA Report
A comprehensive document which measures your current state of health. This report charts 35 different trace elements, minerals and toxic metals. It also includes a comprehensive individualized eating plan based on your toxicity levels and deficiencies. You'll learn what to eat, how to eat, when to eat and what NOT to eat. You will discover the best nutritional supplements for you, how many to take and when to take them. (If you take the wrong supplements or too much of the right ones, you can actually get sicker!)

  A Comprehensive Doctor’s Report!
This separate report discusses every disease that you are likely to get based on the TMA report. Eye-opening!

  15 Minutes of Meltdown Consultation
The TMA report is very detailed and can be technical. If the science is not intuitively obvious, the Meltdown staff is here to help.

As a free gift, Meltdown! will send a free bottle of Perform, the world’s first libido enhancer in a spray, or a free jar of Meltdown’s own formula wild yam cream, either Formula 1 or extra strength Formula 2, or an autographed copy of one of Beth Ellyn's books.

This entire package is only $150!
For Rush orders, add $20.

Check here to order The Basic Life-Altering TMA Package for First Timers.

The Life-Altering TMA Program to Stop Hair Loss:
With this package, you will receive all of the items in The Basic TMA package. (See above.) However, this test focuses on the key ratios that cause hair loss in both men and women. The eating and supplement plans will help your body correct its biochemistry and completely stop hair loss in women and significantly slow hair loss in men -- if you don’t cheat!
This entire package is only $175!
For Rush orders, add $20.


Check here to order The Life-Altering TMA Package to Stop Hair Loss.

The Life-Altering TMA Program for Weight Loss:
You will receive all of the items in The Basic TMA. (See above.) Calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium and potassium must all be in balance before you can lose one ounce. This test focuses on the key ratios you must correct so you can melt down to your ideal shape.
This entire package is only $150!
For Rush orders, add $20.


Check here to order The Life-Altering TMA Package for Weight Loss.

The Combo Life-Altering TMA Program to Stop Hair Loss and Aid Weight Loss:
Many of my customers are concerned about more than one medical challenge. A copper/zinc imbalance, for example, can cause excess weight gain, female hair loss and PMS. A Combo TMA can test for all of these at once.
This entire package is only $190!
For Rush orders, add $20.


Check here to order The Combo Life-Altering TMA Package to Stop Hair Loss and Aid Weight Loss.

The Life-Altering TMA Program for Pre- and Post-Menopausal Women:
You will receive all of the items in The Basic TMA. (See above.) PMS. Hot flashes. Mood swings. Breast soreness. Night sweats. All these are caused by a zinc/copper and a calcium/magnesium imbalance. This test zeroes in on the trace elements that are causing these symptoms and explains exactly what to eat to make them go away! The report will also help your adrenal glands gear up to make estrogen even after menopause or hysterectomy. A viable alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

This entire package is only $150!
For Rush orders, add $20.


Check here to order The Life-Altering TMA Package for Pre- and Post-Menapausal Women.

The Deluxe Life-Altering TMA Package for First Timers:
Save $90!!!!!
Includes the Basic Package (any of the five versions above) PLUS:

  An autographed copy of The Meltdown Diet and Cookbook -- (Value: $15)
On the verge of its second printing, Beth Ellyn's book is entertaining, enlightening and easy to read. And the recipes are fast to fix and tasty, too.

   One hour of Meltdown consultation -- (Value: $65)

For many, 15 minutes is not enough time to review the report in detail. Here, we e-mail or phone you to discuss your situation in depth. We'll hold your hand every step of the way.

   A week's worth of menus based on your specific eating plan -- (Value: $65)

This is the most popular program in the Deluxe Package. Even though the report clearly lists the foods you can have and the foods you must avoid, putting them together as breakfast, lunch and dinner can be challenging. You’ll receive seven days of delicious meals designed with your particular biochemistry in mind. Let the Meltdown staff do this for you!
You Save $85 with this Deluxe Package for only $175.
For Rush orders, add $20.


Check here to order The DELUXE Life-Altering TMA Package for First Timers.

Repeat Tests for Current Customers:
We recommend that you have a TMA every quarter. You will be surprised at how quickly your body changes when you start to treat it right. And, if you suddenly come under supreme stress, you'll need a new TMA as quickly as possible. Your body changes radically when under stress; what you were doing before could now hurt instead of help.
The retest includes only the basic TMA report.

Each retest is only $115!
For Rush orders, add $20.


Check here to order a TMA retest.

Purchase Any of the Above Items Separately:
Click in the box next to the item you wish to order.

Meltdown! Diet and Cookbook: $15 *

Doctor's Report to assist you with the TMA: $20

Cassette Talk: $35 *

Consulting: $65/hr

Menu planning: $65

Rush orders for those in a hurry: $20


The TMA testing procedure requires 10 business days at the laboratory. Then the U.S. Postal Service takes over. (There’s no telling how long they’ll take!) But you can have the results on your doorstep in seven days with a rush order.

Place a check mark next to the item you wish to order.

Wild Yam Cream - 2 oz. jar: $29.50 *
This five week supply of silky cream has turned around my life. The men used to call me "bitch from hell" during PMS week. No more. It’s made going through menopause a breeze for me. And it increased my libido. Men tell me a drop of the cream makes them stay harder, longer. But I personally can’t vouch for that! I’ve found it’s also great for headaches, especially migraines.

This formula has no fragrance. It has 6.8 percent wild yam per ounce and 600 milligrams of natural progesterone per jar.


Save money! Buy two jars for $53 (Save $6) *
Best Buy! Three jars for $75. (Save $13.50) *
The jars will keep nicely in the refrigerator.


Wild Yam Cream, Formula 2 - 2 oz. jar: $26 *
Formula 2 is named after the racing cars because I've substituted emu oil for jojoba. Emu oil speeds absorption. This formula is also stronger. It has 6.8 percent Mexican wild yam extract per ounce and 900 milligrams of natural progesterone. It's for those with horrible menstrual problems.

Save money! Buy two jars for $48 (Save $5) *
or three jars for $70. (Save $10) *

Spray Supplements -- Highest Quality at a Great Price!
Meltdown's spray supplements are perfect for those who can't swallow pills as well as for those who just hate swallowing them. They bypass the digestive tract, going straight into the bloodstream from the capillaries in the mouth.

PERFORM -- Libido Enhancer
Perform is a herbal mixture that causes the body to produce more testosterone. This sex hormone, made by both men and women, improves muscle performance. Some men have a favorite muscle and my male ustomers say the formula helps them stay harder, longer. But I sell just as many jars to females who take aerobic classes, lift weights or study martial arts. I use it to do the Hammer Strength machines with the big boys. The cherry flavored spray, which includes avena sativa and saw palmetto, helps all muscles!

Perform: $29
Three-pack: $80 (save $7)


Ultra Par:
This spray is designed to jump start the thyroid and adrenal glands of slow metabolizers. Perfect for those wanting to lose weight or battle fatigue. Peppermint flavored(natural oil).
Ultra Par. 2 oz. spray. $35.


Vitaminplex B:
This combination includes the antioxidants vitamin C, zinc and manganese as well as nutrients that help sugar metabolism, including magnesium, chromium and the B6 complex. Peppermint flavored (natural oil).

Vitaminplex B Spray. 2 oz. $35.


CoQ 10/Vitamin E:
This spray combines Vitamin E with the enzyme CoQ10. The ultimate energy boost. Peppermint flavored (natural oil).

CoQ10/Vitamin E Spray. 2 oz. $35.


Meltdown Stage 1:
Pyruvate in a spray formula. Great for weight loss in slow metabolizers only. Cherry flavored (natural oil).

Pyruvate Spray. 1 oz. $15.


Nutritional Supplements:
These supplements include special mineral and vitamin combinations to stimulate glands that refuse to work and/or to sedate those glands that are working overtime. You CAN NOT buy these supplements anywhere else. They are the proprietary formulas of Dr. David Watts.


For the slow metaboliser --

Designed for those with thyroid problems, this metabolic stimulates the thyroid gland naturally. The thyroid gland controls metabolic functioning, among other things, and so is crucial in successful weight loss efforts. It helps control hyperglycemic highs and lows. This supplement uses organic mineral chelates, pure vitamins and lyophilized glandular tissue to maximize intestinal absorption.

- 90 pills for $22.50 *
- 180 pills for $39 *


The adrenal glands also effect metabolic activity as well as produce sex hormones. This supplement helps to prod the adrenal glands into high gear. Great for weight loss and post menopausal estrogen production.

- 90 pills for $18.50 *
- 180 pills for $35 *


Ultra Par
This pill combines Para-Pak and Adreno-NSF. Its goal: to stimulate a sluggish thyroid and adrenal cortex glands.

- 180 pills for $52.50 *


For the Fast Metaboliser --

This product supplies the nutrients most needed by the fast metabolizer. It is designed to slow down an overactive thyroid. Sym-Pak provides nutrients lost during stress. It generally has a sedative effect upon an excessive metabolic rate. Sym-Pak also contains nutrients that can prevent free radical damage.

- 90 pills for $18.50 *
- 180 pills for $33.50 *


Thymus Complex
This product is designed to slow down the adrenal glands, which accelerates metabolic activity. Stress is a major influence in the production of adrenaline. Too much stress causes the body to retain the minerals that stimulate and excite while losing the nutrients conductive to calm and quiet. A vicious cycle can develop as the body loses its ability to calm itself because it can not store sedative minerals. Thymus Complex and Sym-Pak are designed to rectify this situation.

- 90 pills for $10 *
- 180 pills for $19 *


For those who have sugar cravings:

GT Formula
GT stands for glucose tolerance, which is a scientific measure of how your body reacts when you eat sugars. This chromium/niacin based supplement helps your body process the sugar you eat more efficiently.

- 90 pills for $13.50 *
- 180 pills for $23.50 *

Min-plex B

Magnesium, chromium and the B6 complexes also help regulate sugar utilization.

- 90 pills for $21.50 *
- 180 pills for $38.75 *


Fat burners are very popular because they work.
Here's my favorite:

HCL Plus
Not enough calcium is one cause of osteoporosis. Not having enough acidity in the system is another. The calcium can not enter your bones unless the pH is right. These tablets, composed of hydrochloric acid, pepsin and bile (your stomach juices), add that needed acidity. These pills also help you digest protein, which is one of the best ways to protect yourself from colon cancer.

- 90 pills for $17.00 *
- 180 pills for $26.00 *


Misc. Supplements

ZMC Plus
This supplement combines zinc, manganese and vitamin C, all crucial nutritionals to boost the immune system.

- 90 pills for $24.50 *
- 180 pills for $41.25 *


NCF for yeast infections
Stop eating sugar and swallow one of these pills with each meal and you'll kill those critters.

- 90 pills for $20.50 *


Lipo-Gest MCT
MCT stands for medium chain triglyercide. This is a "good" fat molecule which helps drag long chain triglycerides ("bad " fat) into the mitochondria, the areas in lean muscle tissue where your body burns fat and transforms it into energy. Remember, there are only two ways to get rid of excess fat: burn it or suck it out surgically. - 90 pills for $18.00 *


Viruses cause the body to become toxic with copper, causing a zinc deficit. Nutri-Vi is a supplement built around zinc to help your body fight the invader. Designed specifically for colds and flu.

- $12.00 *


Food poisoning and sinus infections are two examples of a bacterial infection. Bacteria run wild when your body is toxic with zinc and short on copper. Eat chocolate and grapes and take two with each meal to recover.

These are the only formulations of their kind on the market today.

- $13.00 *

Trace Element supplements available from Meltdown:

This is a complete list of our supplements. Those marked with a red asterik (*) are described above.
We have listed them all here for ease of ordering. All products here are taxable in Texas
Product #/pack Price*  
Acidophilus Plus with Pectin 90 10.50
Adreno-NSF * 90 18.50
Adreno-NSF * 180 35.00
Calcium Plus with Vitamin D 90 14.50
Copper Plus with B2 90 9.50
Digest Zyme with Pancreatin 90 16.00
GT Formula * 90 13.50
GT Formula  * 180 23.50
HCL Plus  * 90 17.00
HCL Plus  * 180 26.00
Iron Plus 60 7.50
Lipo-Gest MCT  * 90 18.50
Magnesium Plus with B6 90 10.00
Manganese Plus with B1 90 10.00
Min-Plex B  * 90 21.50
Min-Plex B  * 180 38.75
NCF  * 90 20.50
Nutri Bac  * 90 13.00
Nutri Vi  * 90 12.00
Omega 3 Plus Vitamin E 45 8.00
Para Pak  * 90 22.50
Para Pak  * 180 39.00
Potassium Plus 90 10.00
Pyridox B6 with Manganese 90 12.50
Sym-Pak  * 90 18.50
Sym-Pak  * 180 33.50
Thymus  * 90 17.50
Thymus  * 180 27.00
Ultra-Par  * 180 52.50
Ultra Spray (Para-Pak/Adreno-NSF combo) 1 52.50
Vitamin C Plus 60 14.50
Vitamin E Plus 120 23.50
VitaMinplex Plus Spray ZMC/Minplex B/Vit E combo) 1 50.00
Zinc Plus with L-Methionine 90 10.00
ZMC Plus  * 90 24.50
ZMC Plus  * 180 41.25

Psychological aids for better health:
What you eat is crucial to your health. But what's eating you also determines your well being. Your mind is the most powerful weight loss tool you've got. Sometimes, however, it needs some reprogramming.

We sell two tools that can help you keep the terrorist inside you at bay.

Meltdown Tapes
These special cassette recordings are designed to be used with the brain machine, although they will work without it if you listen to them in a quiet, dark spot. The tapes are written and recorded by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman, a Manhattan psychotherapist. They are recorded in 360 degree sound with brain synchronization.

Two tapes, four sides: $45*. Topics Include:
Inside/Outside: The Motivational Weight Loss Program
Quest for Excellence: Maximizing Performance for Business, Sports and the Arts
Procrastination: Personal Power and Problem Solving
Personal Ecology: The Complete Self-Esteem Program
Feeling Better: Mind/Body Connections
Changing Emotions: A Stress Management Program
Tick Tock: Time Management
The Mental Power Program for Weight Training

Four tapes, eight sides: $90 *
Rekindling The Flame: Improved Sensuality and Sexuality

One tape, two sides: $22.50 *
Hidden Wisdom: Breaking Through Creative Blocks
Creating A Presence: Confident Public Speaking

Would you like our FREE information pamphlets?


Turbocharging Your Metabolism
Infertility and the Grocery Store Solution
Cowboy Love: The Texas Sexual Chemistry Kit
The Confusion About Calcium


Special Bonus Offer!
Once you experience extraordinary results from our TMA, you'll want to tell your friends and family about us. Meltdown rewards you with $20 in Meltdown bucks for every referral who purchases one of our TMA packages. You can spend your money on any Meltdown product. Send us five referrals and your next TMA is free!


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