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PMS and Menopause
Home of Meltdown's own formula Wild Yam Cream

Debilitating cramps. Wild mood swings.
Night sweats. Super sensitive breasts.
All the things we hate about being a woman. 

Ninety percent of American women suffer from some type of menstrual problem. (Is the rest of the world much different?) Why? 

Because we are the first generation of women to be toxic with copper, the biochemical villain in this passion play. Ladies, if your copper/zinc ratio is out of whack, it upsets your estrogen/progesterone balance. This is the root of the problem. 

Returning that ratio to normal is the key. 

Menstruating women: say sayonora to PMS. Perimenopausal and post-menopausal women, you don't need artificial hormones to go through this natural life cycle. Your grandmother didn't and you can too, once your biochemistry behaves. Here's how:

PMS - Everything your doctor hasn't shared with you about the causes of PMS and menopausal discomfort and the revolutionary new natural solution. 

Wild Yam Cream - Meltdown's own formula. Comes complete with a 24 hour hotline! 

Copper - How birth control pills, red wine and chocolate are making every month a misery. 

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