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Hair Loss:
Salt and Copper are the Culprits 

It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. Few health conditions are more devastating than losing your hair. Nothing I sell can alter genes. But changing your eating habits can rework your biochemistry to slow hair loss (men) or stop it (women.) 

P.S. Yes, Virginia, stress is a big contributor. If you want hair, chill! 

At 48, Jim Warren has been bald for more than 20 years. A handsome man, he had gotten a little heavy around the middle. He set a goal to lose weight. 

Jim started an exercise program that initially had yielded some good results. He was stuck at a plateau when he had a TMA in May, 1995. 

The report showed his biochemistry was terribly out of balance. One thing that was terribly amiss was his copper level. Jim was toxic with copper, which was one reason why he could lose no more weight. 

The report told him what to eat (and what to avoid) to return his body to balance. He was religious about following the eating plan. He also swallowed the nutritional supplements at every meal. He called me during the Thanksgiving holiday that year, six months later. "I'm feeling great and I'm losing weight," he said excitedly. "But," and he paused for effect, "my hair is growing in my bald spot!" 

Stan Fields came to me in his 20's. He was going bald rapidly and hated it. A single male, he truly believed women wouldn't like him because he had no hair. He paid for expensive hair transplants, but none worked. 

Of course, his TMA showed he was toxic with copper. He also had way too much sodium in his system. He cut out salt. He stuck to his eating plan. He also took the nutritional supplements as suggested. Within 90 days, his hair plugs stuck for the first time! 

While balding is genetic in men, the rate of hair loss is controlled by the copper level. So, while the TMA's eating plan will not keep your hair from falling out, it can significantly extend the time it takes to go bald. 

But hair loss is not a problem limited only to men. In fact, 23 percent of my hair loss customers are women. While men go bald in the middle (it's called male pattern baldness), women's hair comes out in clumps. It can get so thin you can see their scalps. 

And, believe me, women are just as upset about going bald as men. Sometimes, they are even more upset, because their hair isn't supposed to fall out. According to psychologist Thomas Cash, women with thinning scalps "think their bodies have become unattractive and they don't feel sexy." 

Copper Causes Hair Loss 

The metal copper controls hair growth and hair loss. Healthy tissue concentrations of copper lie between 1.7 and 3.5 milligrams. Everything else will cause hair loss. You can have too little copper (below 1.7 milligrams) or too much copper (above 3.5 milligrams) and the same thing will happen: kiss your hair good-bye. 

Individuals metabolize copper at different rates, making copper toxicity or deficiency a personal affair. The slower your metabolic rate, the higher your copper retention, regardless of how copper gets into your system. The reverse is also true. If your metabolism works at mach speed, not much copper will accumulate, no matter the amount of copper you ingest. 

Vegetarians have a greater ability to retain copper than non-vegetarians. If you don't eat meat and your hair is thinning, this could mean a simple solution to your problem. 

How Do You Get A Copper Imbalance?

In my experience, almost 90 percent of the copper imbalances are on the toxic side. How do you get too much copper? Drinking water is one source. If your area has "hard" water, it can play a role in copper toxicity. 

In many cases, copper water pipes are the culprit. They are common in older homes. If you see a bluish green discoloration on your porcelain plumbing fixtures, I'll bet the ranch you have copper pipes. 

Copper also enters the food chain through foods you buy at the grocery store. Feed lots add copper to the animals' diet. The mineral remains in the flesh that you eat. Farmers also use copper to spray vegetables and grains to prevent fungus and algae growth. 

Women are more likely to have too much copper because they probably use some form of birth control. Birth control pills and the IUD both use copper. The problem is intensified if your mother used the pill or an IUD. Then you may have been born with too much copper to start with. 

Swimmers are also at risk. Copper is a popular algaecide in commercial and residential pools. The metal can leach into your skin with enough exposure. 

Too Much Salt

Too much salt can slow hair growth. How do you get too much salt? If you aren't intimate friends with your salt shaker, the answer could be too much stress. Stress naturally increases sodium retention. So chill out! 

How Do I Fix The Problem?

If water is the problem, drink bottled water. 

Also, avoid foods high in copper. That list is on the Wild Yam Cream page. 

Don't salt your foods. Eat a low sodium diet. 

And, order a TMA. It will help you get the rest of your body back in balance. You will learn what to do scientifically. A TMA will diagnose the problem and tell you what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat, how to cheat and what nutritional supplements to take, if you chose. 

Once you return your body back to its natural balance, your copper and sodium levels will fall within the normal range. Then, and only then, will your hair grow back (hopefully!). 

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