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I began my writing career at Niles North High School in Skokie, Illinois, where I won a national feature writing award from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. I joined the second class of women to graduate from Yale University (1974). Everyone else in my class went to law school or business school, but I wanted to go to Columbia for a degree in journalism. I had one problem, though. The year I applied (1974), Woodward and Bernstein had just brought down a President. Investigative reporter had become the chichest profession in America. I was accepted despite the largest applicant pool in the school's history and graduated in 1975. 

I remained in New York City and joined the international reporting staff at the United Nations. In 1978, I was sent to Dallas by a computer. Actually, my now ex-husband, the cardiologist, was sent by a computer to Texas and I went, too. I joined the Dallas Times Herald (God rest its soul) and soon became its food editor. In 1981 I joined D magazine (the city magazine) as its business editor. I continued to review restaurants for the magazine. 

In 1989, the real estate depression hit Texas. I got laid off. So I became a literary mercenary. I formed The Writers' Block, a Texas free-lance writers' syndicate. My articles have appeared in Playboy, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Banker's Monthly, Sky (Delta's in flight magazine),and the Miami Herald Travel section, among others. 

I began ghostwriting books. One of the books I ghostwrote in 1991 was for Dr. David Watts, owner of the lab that performs the TMAs. (The book, written for doctors, is entitled "Trace Elements and Other Essential Nutrients.") With his help, I used Dr. Watts' science for the foundation of my first book, The Meltdown Diet and Cookbook, which came out in June, 1994. This spring my second book, Meltdown, Too: Lose Your Temper Forever. Learn How To Eat Right and Shut Up! will be published. Again, Dr. Watts worked closely with me to popularize his 25 years of research. 

While writing Dr. Watts' book, I became intrigued with the concept of the TMA and asked if I could have one. It took me 13 months to get rid of my calcium toxicity. About the time I completed the manuscript, I lost four inches off each thigh, my body's natural fat storage deposit area. 

Meanwhile, I had taught the same step aerobics class for five years. Suddenly, my thighs disappeared. It was pretty obvious in work out attire. The husband of one of my students asked if I could help his wife lose her thighs. I asked Dr. Watts if I could order tests for my friends. He reluctantly agreed. My friends got great results and told their friends. Over a four year period, my business grew strictly through referrals. In November, 1995, I gave up my other interests to devote 110 percent of my time to Meltdown International. 

My corporate philosophy is simple. I want to make a difference as well as a living. I want to make the world a healthier place, one body at a time. I've discovered it takes less time and less money to eat right than it does to eat poorly. Help me spread the word! 

My number one job, however, is being a mother. I became a single mother when my son Austin was two. Now he attends the University of Texas. He's a terrific person with a great sense of humor. I'm still single but very available! 

I have two hobbies. I love to dance. Rock, country, disco, techno: I love it all. I take push (West Coast swing) and country dance lessons every week and have gotten pretty proficient on the hardwoods. I even won a dance contest! 

Boating is my other love. (Appropriate for an Aquarian.) I own a 25 foot Bayliner which I keep at Lake Texoma on the border between Texas and Oklahoma. I'm a member of Flotilla 10-4 of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. My boat is my solace. Nothing beats a Texas sunset on the water. 

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