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Welcome to the Do-It-Yourself Health Store!
We are here to help you solve your health problems.

  • The Incredible TMA

Meltdown!'s program is based on a customized scientific lab test called a TMA. The results of your TMA become your Owner's Manual for your body. Specifically, the test will tell YOU what to eat, what foods to avoid and what supplements to take to bring YOUR body back to its natural state of health. How empowering!

  • Weight Problems

The number one health concern in the world today. You've probably tried every diet with little success. Know why? Six critical trace elements are out of balance. Fix them and the weight will melt off. You'll learn how to burn fat 24 hours a day, even while you sleep! 

  • Hair Loss

Copper, zinc, sodium and magnesium are the culprits. Guys, if it's in the genes, biochemistry can't fix that. But it can control the rate of hair loss. Ladies, you can stop your hair loss completely by eating right! Read what to do and why. 

  • PMS and Menopause

Biochemistry out of whack causes PMS and the horrible symptoms like night sweats, mood swings and hot flashes that accompany menopause. Changing your diet can eliminate PMS and allow you to go through menopause naturally and comfortably. P.S. Meltdown! manufactures it own wild yam cream and has a 24 hour wild yam cream hotline. 

  • Osteoporosis

A growing problem as the world's population ages. Read how the supposed "cure" -- calcium supplementation -- can actually be causing osteoporosis. Learn how too much sugar can cause your body to be unable to absorb those calcium supplements -- and what to do to fix it. 

  • Changing Emotions

Would you like to let go of your anger or never fill another Zoloft or Prozac prescription yet rarely become depressed? Emotions are based on biochemical imbalances. Changing your nutrition can permanently alter your emotions. Read how here. 

  • Medical Worries

Do you suffer from headaches? Have trouble sleeping? Can't conceive a baby? Fear you are poisoned by heavy metals? Crippled by stress? Check out this section for a health problem plaguing you.

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